Market Research

Having intimate knowledge of facts about markets is critical, and we leverage that knowledge to create the best possible strategies for our clients.

At Flatrock Commercial Real Estate Group, LLC, research is conducted with a sincere reverence. We launch research to answer specific questions or unknowns. These client-specific questions are answered with historical and current market facts. Armed with the facts, we also provide forward-looking trend data to analyze short and long-term economics for our clients.

As with any scientific research for what is true, it starts with reliable or qualitative data on the geographical markets under study, and then it’s validated quantitatively. So, whether it is market-rate per square foot for Class-A office space in a downtown market that’s needed or the long-term value of a design-build industrial warehouse in a maturing oilfield basin, we can provide the insight.

We conduct valid lease/purchase property market studies every day, and depending on the particular needs of the client, the property search may yield as many as ten alternatives, all of which are reviewed in a face-to-face meeting with our client.

Flatrock Research:

  • Market Rate Analysis
  • Lease vs. Purchase
  • Employment Statistics
  • Demographic Data
  • Travel Patterns