Portfolio Administration

We provide property portfolio administration by professionals who are detail oriented by nature and focused on all the details, so you don’t have to. Lease administration and owned-property portfolio management for our corporate clients are tailored to create a standardized process, a unique data set, timed perfectly, so that it aligns with our clients’ corporate goals and objectives.

Entered and monitored by our team, this standardization and centralization help clients coordinate internal reporting, expedite review processes, meet external regulation demands, and save money. This eliminates financial exposure that can occur when numerous individuals within an organization have the responsibility of making autonomous real estate decisions.

We utilize proprietary processes, cutting-edge software, and a dedicated group of special people to maintain our clients’ portfolio. These valuable tools allow us to efficiently represent each and client while keeping them up to date in perpetuity.

Lease Administration services include the following:

  • Lease Abstraction
  • Critical Date Tracking
  • Lease Audits
  • Occupancy Cost Control
  • Database management
  • Email Notification of critical dates
  • Lease Expiration Reports
  • Abstracts with client owned property
  • Terms Reports
  • Owned Property reports